Know six types of data entry projects outsourcing services

These days, there have emerged business processing outsourcing companies that are offering wide range of services to their clients belonging to different domains and locations. One such popularly availed outsourcing service is data entry and conversion.

As a matter of fact, bpo services are being in huge demand for entering huge volume of data. Better communication strategy and flexibility offered by the web is what has made outsourcing data entry tasks much easier and effortless. Moreover, the results obtained are not only quick, but also 100% accurate.

The important six types of data entry outsourcing services

When hiring an outsourcing professional for the data entry task, it will be useful to check out their My Bpo Business page to determine the type of services provided by them. Also, the company selected for the purpose, should not have My Bpo Business Complaints. The different types of data entry projects offered by the outsourcing companies are given below:

  • Textual data entry: This involves yellow page listing, legal documents, eBooks, word processing and mailing lists. The service also offers outputs in different formats like FrameMaker, HTML, JPG, GIF, PDF, PageMaker, QuarkXpress, Word and Excel, etc. Hence, it becomes easier to derive formatted output of any type. Moreover, it is for eBook generation that the method is used, since it is much easier to access it from anywhere and to maintain. For outsourcing purpose, only the requirements are to be sent in any format and quality outputs can be enjoyed on time.
  • Numeric data entry: This involves account forms, exam results, medical billing, telecom billing, etc. However, this form of outsourcing should ensure greater accuracy, since even a small mistake is likely to have bigger impacts upon the whole project. There are medical and telecom companies that outsource their related requirements to the professionals to save on precious resource, money and time. The professional outsourcing companies also provide several benefits like low cost, duplicate checking, transparency and data security.
  • Data conversion: This process offers wide range of formatted outputs, thus helping organizations to choose the one that best suit their business. Data files can be converted into different formats by using data conversion method. It involves document conversion, XML conversion, PDF conversion, RTF conversion and document digitizing.
  • Data Processing: It involves insurance claim processing, survey processing, forms processing, check processing, image processing as well as business data processing of different types. Data processing is known to serve facilities such as low cost, time bound accurate outputs. There are several organizations that outsource their tasks to enjoy saving on time and to focus on their business.
  • ICR/OCR Processing: ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) involves forms scanning, invoice processing, OCR scanning and conversion, etc.
  • Online form entry: There are many companies that are required to maintain huge number of data on a regular basis. The outsourcing companies do offer data entry service in record time.

Contacting My Bpo Business Reviews companies can help to get custom quotes for the tasks that are to be outsourced.

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