Tips to Help Improve Quality Score at your Call Center

Every business yearns for top ratings. When you run a call center, getting the top quality scores is a must. However, most of us who run call centers will admit that getting top ratings is really difficult. From handling angry customers to employees quitting unexpectedly, you never know what to expect. Still, it’s possible to improve the quality score of your business. Learn my 10 tips on how I improved my BPO business reviews and apply them in your business.

  1. Hire the Best

Not everyone is suited for a call center job. A great employee will do whatever it takes to assure the customer that their needs will be addresses. They know how to professionally handle angry customers and how to empathize. Start your business by hiring the best employees you can afford. Look out for people who are passionate about the call center job. People who are passionate in the job turn out to be great employees. Another quality of an excellent employee is empathy. The work at call centers demand people who can empathize with customers and comfort them when it really matters.

  1. Gather Important Information

Keep records of your calls and review some of them from time to time. Monitor social channels to know what customers are saying. Take note of complaints posted on Facebook, tweets related to your BPO and forums where your customers post reviews. Collect as much information as you can and use data gathered to improve your business. Set goals and work with your team to achieve them.

  1. Train Employees

Since I set the goals for my BPO business, I also take time to train my employees to achieve them. One of the best training tactics for employees is to teach them to exceed customer expectations. Make delighting customers your BPO’s goal. Train your agents to make it their goal to impress customers. Over time, everyone at your call center will be achievement oriented.

Additionally, train your agents about various important issues at your center. Letyour agents know how to fix broken phones and how to operate the necessary software at your center. Additionally, don’t also assume new agents will naturally know how to be etiquette and polite. Teach and remindthem to be professional.

  1. Track Improvement

When I recently realized that one of my agents had the habit of quickening conversations with customers of advanced age, I called her in to tell her why it was wrong. I gave her my clues of how to deal with senior citizens and then began monitoring her calls.

Sometimes agents resent corrections for unknown reasons. Don’t threaten everyone you think isn’t following your center’s policies. Reach out to them and clearly show them why the center will grow if everybody corporates. Afterwards, monitor her performance. Investing in your agents reduces resentment and helps them perform better. With time, you won’t have to make any monitoring. Your agents will know what customers expect and perform better.

  1. Show your Customer you care

One of the changes happening in the BPO industry is that customers are increasingly appreciating personalized services. Many customers want you to treat them like the valuable people they are. Some want personalized services. Fortunately, you can show customers you really understand their issues by investing the right call center software.

The right software program will display complete details about your customer’s name, tickets, transcripts and past records. When you have all the necessary details about your customers, it will be easy to empathize with them. It easy to talk to them because you know all the issues they are complaining about.

  1. Act on Customers’ Complaints Immediately

Whenever I check my BPO business complaints, the first thing I do is act on them. I record all issues raised by specific complaints and then forward to the necessary authorities from the company I work with. From that point, I follow up to ensure that the particular customer’s complaint is addressed.

The whole purpose of a BPO is to serve customers and act on their complaints. In most cases, the issues you receive at the call center are issues you can clarify. Where you can’t, you know the right protocols to follow to ensure every customer complaint is addressed. Develop the habit of addressing customer issues immediately and your quality score will keep going up.

  1. Address Customers on Different Channels

You probably run a call center, but not everyone wants to express themselves verbally. Some may have impairments that make it difficult to talk. Offer different channels of communication at your organization. Make it known to your customers that you also accept email communication, text messages or social media platforms as well. Offering different channels to communicates invites customers to be honest with you. When your customers feel confident to talk to you, they will rarely pivot their complaints elsewhere.

  1. Motivate Agents

Run your BPO like successful businesses persons do. Motivate your agents to love the business as much as you would like customers to. Have open communications with them. Display your BPO’s quality score and set targets that you all aim to achieve together. When quality score improves, recognize the efforts your agents make. When your agents feel appreciated and happy, your BPO will run successfully.

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